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Tour ATVs and Razors in combination with Sinaia or Brasov

170 €
2 people
190 €
3 people
220 €
4 people
245 €
5 people
260 €
6 people
280 €
7 people
300 €
8 people

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Trip to the Carpathian Mountains 

A day trip to the Carpathian Mountains combining ATV/Razor rides and visits to the unique sites of the Carpathians in Romania. The day includes passing through Sinaia, visiting the famous Peles Castle, and taking the cable car in the Carpathian Mountains or visiting the special city of Brașov with its old town and pedestrian street. It also includes riding (two people can ride on one vehicle) a self-driven Razor/ATV into the mountains and forests. It is also possible to arrange a round trip transport only to the ATV area (about 1.5 hours drive from Bucharest), where the ATVs cost 50 euros per hour, and the tour price is 10 euros cheaper.