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Tour Tulcea and sailing. A trip around the Danube River

195 €
2 people
205 €
3 people
235 €
4 people
260 €
5 people
275 €
6 people
300 €
7 people
315 €
8 people

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An breathtaking experience on the river that crosses European countries. The recommended tour in Romania: A 12-hour tour. Depart from Bucharest towards the city of Tulcea, located on the banks of the Danube River, a 3.5-hour drive. There is an option for a river cruise on the Danube for either two or five hours.

Cost for a two-hour cruise: 40 euros per person
Cost for a five-hour cruise: 60 euros per person

*The cruise requires a minimum of 4 people. There is also the possibility to stop at a restaurant on the banks of the Danube River. After the cruise, we will visit the city of Tulcea and then return to Bucharest.